Sector 13-P, Dabra Road, Hisar
School Ranked 1st Among Top Schools in Haryana

- COFAS, CMS, Lucknow

COFAS, CMS, Lucknow

A team of 9 students had participated in 17th international computer Olympiad. Over 700 students from Jordan, Nigeria, Nepal, Srilanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh and students from different states of India had participated in this competition. The aim of participating in these kinds of competitions is to awaken the student community for computer knowledge, upgrade their technical skills and give a boost to information technology in this age of Science. Schools had participated in several events like webtech, softech, computer wizard etc and clinched 3rd position in webtech.Anlit Sangwan and Alisha design KABIR’s Software (knowledge, aptitude, brilliance, intelligence and resilience software is leap for interactive session) and impress judges with features of upgrading and connectivity with parents in KABIR software.

- 11th National Geographic World Championship

11th National Geographic World Championship

St. Kabirís School has made India proud by receiving 3rd position in the 11th National Geographic World Championship, 18 countries of the world like USA, UK, China, Russia, Germany, India, Australia etc. participated in this mega event. India was represented by 3 students (Jayant Abhir from St. Kabir) . In a well centered quiz competition India was locked in a tie with Canada for the 2nd position. Its a unique historical and big achievement. School has given qualitative dimension in the field of education and will cross many more mile stones.
Council ICSE honoured Jayant Abhir with achievement trophy on his achievement in 11th National Geographic Olympiad. It is first time in history when council has honoured some student with such honour. Jayant is also honour by association of Punjab Geographers KUK University.

- Vienna World Sports Meet

Vienna World Sports Meet

Glimpses of World Sports Meet held at Vienna.

- Jenesys


Exposure to the world outside one's bubble , gives an edge to one's personality. One such golden opportunity was to participate in Kizuna (bond)Exchange Programme organized by Japan International Cooperation Centre (JICE) in November 2012 & 2014 .The aim of the programme was to strengthen the bond between India and Japan by acquainting young students of India with Japanese culture. This ten day enthralling experience ranged from attending a Japanese school to homestaying with a family to visiting Fukushima and witnessing the natural beauty that Japan is. Besides, the programme also helped us to understand  the impeccable disaster management policy followed by the country that stands equally relevant for India , given its present context.
School got opportunity twice to participate in JENSEYS ....