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Sector 13-P, Dabra Road
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School Ranked 1st Among Top Schools in Haryana
Sector 13-P, Dabra Road, Hisar

As educators it is our foremost concern and responsibility to create an environment which is safe and stimulated to encourage learning and teaching. Education where the knowledge exchanges hands, the purity and sincerity of cause, honesty and dedication of thoughts and action which is in conformity to the philosophy and motto of the school. The beacon of light which lights up the teacher and taught need to have a clarity of the goal as clarity clearly precedes success. We are lucky to have the beacon and the bevy of educators who together make a very formidable team and have been providing the quality education in and around the area where the children are getting the benefit and a large number of them are well placed in their respective fields.

The positivity of thoughts and action which helps in a continuous flow of positive vibrations, the close and favorable approach and attitude of the parents to work within the space and ethos of the institution has helped to maintain this sanitized environment With this sincerity, hard work, passion and global thoughts, St Kabir's was established in 1982 by founder principal Mr U.Singh. Since local values kept on marching and created new milestones in the field of education. During the course of the journey the teachers who shared his vision and enthusiasm kept on joining him and the student population also dwelled to a respectable number. He never compromised on the quality. For his dedication, vision and path breaking pedagogy, he was honored by many National and International organizations. Today with his sound foundation and legacy the school is rated one of the best schools in Hisar and surrounding areas. The school is known not only in India but abroad also like Japan, Russia, USA and Poland where the students of the school have been invited as state guests to interact with local students and also participate in the competitions in which the students of St.Kabir's School are representing India. The school is marching ahead with very steady pace, pushing the bar of excellence farther and farther. The credit goes to the philosophy of 3 Ds (Discipline, Dedication and devotion) which is reflected in every action of the teachers and students. Also we are blessed with the positive and constructive support of our respected parents and well wishers. The school is breaking new path every session and poised to scale greater heights.